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Emailbidding is an email marketing marketplace that automatically optimizes your campaigns

Emailbidding connects Advertisers and Publishers (list owners) automating the sending process, optimizing and targeting an email marketing campaign to multiple databases.

Self-Service Platform

Quick Execution

Bidding Model Based

Single Point of Service

Rich and Integrated Reports

Increased Reach

Emailbidding for Advertisers and Publishers

Emailbidding will help you!

Is Email marketing your highest ROI marketing channel? Would you like to invest more in email marketing and get better results? Is it too much hassle or don't know how to do it?
With this solution you can send emails to new potential customers from our partner's opt-in databases.
And what's better, you can target your segments and pay in a Bidding model!

Transparency and Trust

- Get near real time results of your campaign and understand how your campaign is performing
- Understand everything that is happening with your campaign, day by day
- Your campaign will be set to opt-in subscribers from our trusted partners network
- Partners are verified and evaluated to become part of our network

Self-Service Platform

Don't wait days or weeks to start your campaign.
With our self-service platform you can create a new campaign in a few minutes and start right away!

All about Performance

Our platform will learn which subscribers are more interested in your campaign, and will automatically target those subscribers, avoiding sending messages to less performing subscribers.

Control Everything

- Choose your bid type and pay only based on that
- Daily and total budget
- Campaign period
- Define your own Suppression lists
- Define your target audience

Easy and Powerful Analytics

- Explore your campaign's performance by socio-demographics, interests and behavior
- Analyze and test which subjects and creativities work better for your campaign
- Get insights about ISPs, technologies, geographies

Fraud Free

Emailbidding owns a sophisticated fraud and scam detection system that grants email marketing free of fraud


Send your campaigns with no fear, our platform will not target the same subscriber twice even if he exists in more than one partner's database

Increase your Revenues

Do you have an opt-in, high-quality, permission marketing database? If the answer is yes, you can become part of our network and increase your revenues!
Emailbidding integrates your database and makes your inventory part of our offer.

Send less and earn more

Each of your subscribers will receive the best matching campaign, that's why they are more valuable for a particular advertiser in the auction process!
As a result, send less emails, more interesting for the subscribers and increase your revenues!

Get the highest value

Our platform puts advertisers bidding for each of your subscribers, and the top performing advertiser will win the auction. This means that individually, subscriber by subscriber, you will get the highest value, resulting in an increased total revenue from your database.

Free your Team!

Emailbidding will eliminate the manual processes of finding advertisers, negotiating, creating campaigns, setting up creativities, filtering, segmenting, scheduling, testing, reporting and invoicing. Our platform will free your team from managing ESP or ISP relations and all technical aspects related with deliverability.

You Decide!

- Accept or reject which campaigns are allowed to be sent to your subscribers.
- Define the allowed frequency for sending to your subscribers.
- Define days or periods your subscribers can be emailed.


- Get near real time results of the campaigns sent to your subscribers and see how they are performing.
- Explore your subscriber's performance.
- Understand the life time value of your subscribers.


Use Emailbidding's API to send transactional emails to your clients.
Welcome messages, password recovery or any other kind of notification, you choose.

Transactional Email

Use Emailbidding's API to send transactional emails to your clients.
Welcome messages, password recovery or any other kind of notification, you choose.

Why Emailbidding? It is exceptional!

GDPR Compliance

Premium Support Team

Deliverability Best Practices

Subscriber Friendly

Easy to Use

Dynamic by Nature

Audrey Heiser
E-commerce manager - Renault Retail Group (Auto)

"The use of Emailbidding is very intuitive and simple. In just a few clicks, the campaign setup is complete. The results were better than the average on this sector, publishers were satisfied for advertising our offer and for having monetized their databases and there was a traffic increase and new leads on our points of sales."
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Filipe Figueiredo
Web Sales Manager - NOS (Telecom)

"With multiple segmentation options to millions of users, our experience is very positive. Our campaigns were a success and we always received great support."

Aníbal Pinto de Faria Jr. (CEO & Founder)
CEO & Founder - Digital Discovery

"With Emailbidding we are able to work equally with great brands. Combined with a extremely professional service, it becomes a reference in our successful path."

Mailys Prulhière
Project Manager - Coloplast

"Our collaboration with Emailbidding allows us to set up efficient email campaigns throughout the year. The platform is a simple tool that allows us to be autonomous in the creation of our campaigns and to have direct access to statistics. The Emailbidding team is available and responsive, and offers us continuous optimization of our campaigns with the aim of improving performance."

Antoine Jean
SEA Manager - Partners Finances (3W)

"Our collaboration with Emailbidding has enabled Partners Finances to set up effective emailing and push campaigns in the different countries where we operate. The support offered by Emailbidding allows optimization of campaigns as well as the implementation of new levers which ensures good profitability throughout the year."

Yakaré Diarra
Chef de Produit Emailing - L'Argus

"We have been working with Emailbidding for over 4 years. We use the self-service platform and take care of setting up emailing campaigns on behalf of our customers in the automotive sector. It is a very simple solution to take in hand with a segmentation by gender, age and geolocation. Today, our partnership with Emailbidding has taken on another dimension, together we have developed a permanent platform to manage Email and SMS sending! A real success with our customers."

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Introducing the Bidding model into the email marketing world, this tool also allows you to have a greater cost control and budget definition for superior results.

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